Trial Ride: Trout Lake to Kaslo

I am preparing for a summer of cycling across Canada after I finish my teaching contract at the end of June. I’ve been researching and making preparations since March. And as I write this I have 28 days on my countdown.

I pour over ever piece of information that I can get my hands on, but the most important piece of information I was missing was some real time on my bike. So yesterday I cycled from Trout Lake to Kaslo with two friends. 111 KM over 8.5 hours climbing 2,348 m.

This was a really good test ride. I like the way my bike feels and handles. Hills were a challenge, but totally manageable. The hardest part was probably the heat in the afternoon on the hills coming into Kaslo. We could see the waves radiating off the pavement and needed to take breaks in the shade between climbs. I probably drank close 7 litres of water yesterday.

I was fortunate to have the pleasure of meeting two new friends this weekend – one who rode with us and one who was our support personnel/chef extraordinaire/cheerleader. I really enjoy new people. I hope that I have the pleasure of adding many new friends into my life this summer on the road.

Some things I learned from the trial ride:

  • need to buy biking gloves or develop callouses ASAP
  • early to bed, early to rise is going to be my motto this summer
  • bike shorts look goofy, but feel AMAZING
  • I’m not sure I want to do this journey alone; I really enjoy riding with others
  • I want to spend my whole summer doing this
6:00 AM departure
Biking through the mountains


Lesson learned: wear sunscreen

I definitely think I’ll have more fun on this trip if I go with people. So if you’re interested in coming along for the journey, or just part of it, let me know.


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